When using Facebook for business it’s important to know the best practices that will help you connect with your customers. Here are 3 to keep in mind:

1.) Provide Value – Are you providing value to your audience and customers? Are you making the lives of your audience better when sharing content? Are you educating or entertaining? Would you want to see your content every day in your News Feed?

2.) Use a Consistent and Frequent Publishing Schedule – Implement a content plan. Use FB’s scheduling option.

3.) Involve Your Audience – When customers, partners or businesses comment on a post, respond. When they ask you a question, give them a thoughtful reply.

Here are some helpful tips when posting to your business Facebook page:

Keep it short – Facebook posts under 40 characters receive 86% higher engagement than other posts.

Incorporate Images and video into your posts – Photos are the most engaging type of content on Facebook..video and links are next.

Ask Simple Questions – What’s your favorite thing about summer?

Sharing {Content} is Caring – Sharing content from other FB pages is a great way to connect with other businesses or partners.

Change it up – Variety on your FB page is key.

Bonus Tip! Check your insights! They might be telling you something about what and when to post for your business to maximize your marketing efforts.